Appraisals - experience and professionalism

Yavlena Impact is a company from the Yavlena Group, working only in the field of appraisals. It has a team of 80 licensed appraisers. They work all over the country and use Yavlena's know-how and database, thus creating added value for their customers. Yavlena Impact is a trusted appraiser for multiple banks after having won national competitions, and prepares annually about 10,000 expert appraisals for them. Except for banking institutions the company works also for private and public principals.

The activities of Yavlena Impact started in 1998 when the team signed an agreement as the first Bulgarian privatization intermediary by winning a national competition at the Ministry of Industry. Subsequently it has sold 100% of the offered 35 cinemas and companies all over the country. Gradually the company has created and has imposed the real estate appraisal criteria in Bulgaria and nowadays it is the biggest appraisal organization in the country.

The experience accumulated, the expertise of the team, the rich database, the contacts established with Bulgarian and foreign companies and organizations allow us be sure in the quality and the applicability of the works developed by the professionals from Yavlena Impact.

What can you turn to Yavlena Impact for?


  • mortgage appraisal;
  • business appraisal of a company;
  • market evaluation of long-term and short-term assets;
  • evaluation of debits and credits of a company;
  • evaluation of assets, liabilities and entire companies in liquidation;
  • evaluation of identifiable assets and liabilities in relation to an audit according to international accounting standards;
  • assessment for tax purposes.

Organization and management of companies:

  • business planning;
  • determining the economic efficiency of a particular investment;
  • financial and legal analysis.


  • control over the absorption of funds under investment projects;
  • consultancy and development of a sales strategy, preparation of offers for participation in competitions or negotiations with potential investors, documents for tenders and competitions;
  • economic justification of requests for loans;
  • design and development at the customer's request, for which the company's associates have the necessary knowledge and experience
  • comprehensive privatization project.

How does Yavlena Impact work?

Yavlena Impact accepts and performs ordinary and urgent orders for appraisals all over the country. The regional units of the company and the established long-term contacts with other partner agencies allow us to make appraisals within short terms by strictly adhering to professional standards.