Do I have to sign an intermediation agreement?

If you want to use Yavlena's services, you should regulate your relationship with the company in the form of a mandate agreement or the so-called 'intermediary' or 'assignment' agreement.

It is a simplified form describing the rights and obligations of both parties – yours and those of Yavlena towards you. The agreement is based on entering the details of both parties, the parameters of the service sought by you and the compensation for Yavlena for providing the said service. Consult with the broker which type of agreement is best for your specific case. Stay alert with agencies or brokers working without agreements and not laying down their commitments.

Shall I sign an exclusive agreement (Exclusive rights agreement)?

Some history

The exclusive rights agreement (exclusivity) is a type of intermediation agreement, by which real estate agencies regulate their relationships with their clients. Bulgaria is a country with developing real estate market, therefore exclusivity arises various questions. The standard working principle in the Western countries is that each agency has unique offer in the market and clients it works with in stead of they gravitating between several companies, thus creating unclear relations and conflicting situations among the participants in the market. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria the cunsumers' behaviour differs from the Western practices and most of the customers think that the more agencies are engaged with their property, the bigger their chance to sell is. However practice shows that it is not so. The same property offered by multiple agencies is overexposed and is not attractive for the buyers.

Why not offer your property through several agencies

The more an offer is proposed to the public, the shorter its 'life' is, it is overexposed and 'spoiled', it stops being interesting for buyers and agencies. Very often this is to the dertiment of the owner. Furthermore there are bad practices the same offer to be proposed at different prices by several companies – this often happens without the knowledge and consent of the owner – thus arising negative impressions with the customers and the brokers form other agencies.

Why sign an exclusive rights agreement

Working with one agency only eliminates the risk of all this happening. Numerous calls in vain and pointless coordinations of viewings with 'tourists' in the market are avoided. You maintain contacts with only one professional – your broker – who will advise you of the results of the advertisement strategy, the comments and the feedback from the customers who have viewed your property and will manage counter offers from potential buyers/tennants. The exclusive rights give also advertisement freedom to the agency which will be able to freely publish an advertisement with the exact address of the property in order to prevent a potentially dubious image of your property, pointless viewings and unwanted reactions on part of clients who have been misled about the area where they think the property is located. On Yavlena's website (as well as on other modern real estate websites) this is visualized very clearly by the pin which is pinned at the exact address of the property on the map – that can be seen by all customers and brokers in the market thus preventing any confusion or misunderstanding. One should not neglect also the practices of the agencies to pay more serious attention and spare more time and allot more advertisement space to offers, for which they have exclusive rights agreements.

Why does Yavlena take commission?

Real estate agency Yavlena works in a free market economy environment. Real estate trade in Bulgaria is not regulated or sponsored by the state, therefore users pay completely the service provided just like they pay for buying products or for other types of services.

Some history:

Immediately after the planned economy period in Bulgaria a confusion took place due to the lack of organization and knowledge in the field of free trade with real estates. This is why the newcomers sought guidance and mentoring. They found answers to many of their qiestions in the good practices of the American ways of trading with property and received support from their representative organizations in the implementation of standards in Bulgaria. One of the working standards is the commission for a brokerage service provided.

Unlike their American colleagues and due to the lack of established rules, Bulgarian brokers are responsible for the whole procedure relating to the sale or rental of a property: from marketing and advertisement, through viewings and verification of the ownership, to legal consulting and documentary finalization of the deal. This varied experience leads to accumulation of deep knowledge and techniques for solving problems of any character in companies like Yavlena, which have passed through the difficult years of development.

Does one pay for viewings to Yavlena?

Definitely not.

We, in Yavlena find bad the practices to take fees for viewing properties.

How much does my property cost and do I need an appraisal?

If you wish to sell a property it is of utmost importance to do correct pricing because the price may considerably speed up or slow down your sale. The right price is the one at which you, as owner, receive the best possible value for the property sold according to the market demand.

Properties do not have an absolute value. Like in any market economy, the price directly depends on demand. In order to determine correctly the price for your property before undertaking a sale, it is recommended that you consult with a broker. He/she will visit the property, will review the documentation that you have available and will give you most narrow range of options for sale, depending also on your desire for the timelines for selling the property.

How shall I choose a broker?

Yavlena has a net of branches all over the country. Have a look at the Contacts section on our website in order to find the address and the telephone numbers of the office closest to you where they will direct you to a proper employee.

The colleagues in Yavlena are specialized in types of activities – sales/ rentals/ appraisals. In this way each of them acquires deep knowledge in their working sphere and is able to give you timely and quality information about the market segment you are interested in.

If you have a friend or acquaintances who have worked with Yavlena, you may ask them for recommendation and guidance to a specific broker. If not, in the 'About us' section on the website you can find a list and presentation of each broker in Yavlena, review his/her offers and and send an inquiry to him/her.

About 250 employees work for the company all over the country. We understand that the brand Yavlena means a specific broker to you and not the aggregate professionalism in the company. This is why we are trying to develop our employees and to supervise the quality of the services provided by them. This is why we value also your feedback which you may send us through the inquiry form on our website.

Will Yavlena give me back the money if there is any problem after the deal?

Being a facilitator in your deal, Yavlena is engaged to check the ownership of the property, to negotiate terms and conditions, advantageous for you, to coordinate the parameters under the agreement and the formalities at a notary office.

Yavlena is not a party to the deal, it is a facilitator. This is why the agency does not share the possible for you profits or the risk of a loss from a certain deal. You need to consider well your possibilities and motivation to make the deal and if you have any doubts, consult in due time with your broker.

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