Completeness of the service

Yavlena is one of the first companies in Bulgaria, which has opened specialized rental offices since the early 1990's. Over the years, our departments have managed to form and maintain a rich customer base, making the leased or hiring process as clear as possible for the client. The lengthy experience of our professionals provides security and completeness of the service which are of key importance due to the specifics of the stipulations in the rental relationship and the presence of many indecent market participants.

What can you expect from your broker in the process of leasing your property?

  • Initial consultation on the forthcoming leasing your property;
  • Initial viewing of the property offered and certification of ownership;
  • Survey of market analogues and recommendation for a price to offer;
  • Explaining the leasing process and specifying the work pending;
  • Marketing and advertisement of your property;
  • Finding a potential tenant in Yavlena's extensive database and offering your property to customers who have requested a similar search;
  • Accepting inquiries from prospective tennants;
  • Coordination and performing of viewings of your property (*there is an option to allow access to the property and we undertake completely the viewing process);
  • Coordination of the negotiations with tennants who have declared serious interest;
  • Negotiations, negotiating terms and conditions under the rental agreement;
  • Preparation of the rental agreement.