Complete and quality service

Intermediation in property sale/purchase is the first service in Yavlena's portfolio - it has been provided since 1992. We are aware that for the Bulgarians ownership of real estates is extremely important and we understand the significance of every transaction they make with such property. That is why our efforts are aimed at providing complete and quality services.

Yavlena employs experts who, thanks to their skills and to the specialized trainings, are able to meet the specific requirements of each deal. Proper management of a purchase is an important process which is often underestimated and the in-depth knowledge in this field is manifested in critical situations.

What can you expect from your broker in the Property Purchase process?

  • Initial consultation on the forthcoming purchase of your property;
  • Detailing the parameters of the property you are looking for, prioritizing the requirements and specifying possible compromises;
  • Market analysis and offering properties meeting your criteria;
  • Viewings of properties you are interested in;
  • Consultation on your choice of property;
  • Explaining the purchase procedure and specifying the forthcoming work;
  • Collecting the documentation of the property chosen by you; verification of ownership;
  • Collecting the documentation to be provided on your part for a deal;
  • Consultation and assistance in selecting and negotiating the terms and conditions with a crediting institution;
  • Coordinating negotiations with the property owner; negotiating a deposit;
  • Carrying out negotiations, stipulating the price and other critical terms and conditions of the transaction;
  • Preparing a preliminary contract;
  • Preparation of the documentation, with the assistance of a lawyer from Yavlena, for performing the formalities of the deal at a notary office;
  • Coordination of the formalities at a notary office and attendance of your broker;
  • Assistance in transferring possession of the property.

Yavlena co-ordinates and secures legally and documentally the whole purchase process. If you have the time and knowledge to carry out a part of the above activities yourself, you can contact us to assist you with a selected stage of the transaction. In such a case, Yavlena will provide you with a fixed price list for the package of services you need. Please see section Transaction advisory.