The rental offers of real estate agency „Yavlena“ include exemplary premises on comminicative places, in office buildings with controlled access, premises suitable for offices, shops or studios.

To choose a proper office with good location, access and disposition is very important both for your every day work and for the image of your company.

When you are looking to rent an office it is good to consider several things.

Of course, location is the first and most important. Can the potential clients find you easily and are there a subway station and city transport stops? Will your employees come to work with pleasure, will they be able to use a garage or parking places for their cars? Think about this!

Another important factor when choosing an office for rent is the rate. What is the rate per square meter which you can afford , are there any additional expenses – maintenance costs, additional payment for parking places, etc.

The area also matters when choosing offices for rent. You know best your business; it will be easy for you to make an assessment for how many people and for how much equipment you need to find place in the premises.

Review the options we are offering on and choose the best office for rent for your business.

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