Yavlena offers a wide range of services in the field of real estates. Through its developed network of branches the company covers a large part of the country.

In the menu on the left you will find the seven most sought after services. Choose the service you are interested in and through the contact form contact us directly. An associate of ours will answer so that you decide together how to work in the future. If you prefer a contact by phone you can find the contact information about our offices on page Contacts

In case you need a particular service and cannor find it in the list attached, contact us again through contact form, to discuss options to work towards a solution under your case.

Based on our extensive experience in the real estate market in Bulgaria we would recommend you to sign an exclusive rights contract with our associate, as this will provide you with huge benefits and preferences as a special client. Listed below are some of the advantages to owners who are offering their properties exclusively through Yavlena:

  • Market analysis of the property's selling price;
  • Drawing up of an offer to sell;
  • Consultation regarding enhanced market presentation of the property;
  • Detailed information regarding the technology of the deal aimed at ensuring its security;
  • Development of a strategy to sell the property;
  • Possibilities for photographing of the property:
    • photographs by a professional photographer;
    • virtual panoramic 360-degree tour;
    • video presentation of the property and the surrounding area;
  • Layout of the property (with possible rearrangement options);
  • Possibility for the development and implementation of an advertising strategy:
    • Internet;
    • Print media;
    • Sign / banner;
    • Other ways to attract focused local interest;

  • Consultation on all documents required for the deal, as well as possibility to draw them up;
  • Regular consultations regarding revision of the price of the property;
  • Reports as to calls received and viewings arranged;
  • Weekly contact with your personal broker and analysis of the interest expressed, accompanied with recommendations, based on the feedback from clients;
  • Professional negotiations and protection of your best interest;
  • Detailed check of the documents and ownership;
  • Legal servicing of the deal by an external law firm at the expense of Yavlena;
  • Drawing up of a notary deed and avoidance of duplicated notary fees;
  • Notarisation of the deal;
  • Assistance with the payment on the deal;
  • Post-sale services;
  • Recommendations regarding subsequent deals of investment nature.

* Further information regarding the exclusive rights contract is available in the Frequently asked questions section