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Whether you want to buy an apartment, seek to rent a home, a shop or an office, with the assistance of professional real estate brokers you will make a better choice. Have a look at the section of with all brokers of „Yavlena“. Select a city and the most convenient for you office and then review the profiles of the real estate brokers working there. Each of our employees is represented with his/her offers and a map of the regions and qurters he/she works in. It is important for us that you are attended by a professional who would be of maximum advantage for you. This is the job of good real estate brokers. All our employees are presented with a photo and with phone numbers for contact. According to us it is important that you have full confidence in the person with whom you are going to choose your property. This is why we suggest that you get to know the agents of „Yavlena“ working in your city. Contact the one who is in charge with the region you have interest in, and act!

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Visit us in our main office at: 76-A Gurko Str., Sofia 1142 or call: 02/ 810 50.
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